Safeguarding our farms and agricultural industries

A major concern from our farming communities is the absence of a post Brexit plan for agriculture from the Scottish Government.

We have to ensure that Banff and Buchan is not left behind.


Prime Minster MUST be supported in her negotiations says David

It is this Government’s policy to continue working to secure the legally binding changes to the backstop, needed to ensure it cannot be permanent. 
This should satisfy the so-called, ‘Brady Amendment’, which is supported by a majority of MPs. 

Turriff Advertiser 7 Feb

At times, it can seem that there is not much happening in Westminster beyond Brexit.

However, the daily business of parliament continues – often away from the media spotlight.

Banffshire Journal 5 Feb 2019

It has been another hectic week at Westminster as MPs continue to work towards an agreement on the terms of our departure from the EU.


I was very pleased to see majority support for a route to leaving with a deal in last Tuesday’s vote.


David exposes SNP calls for devloved Immigration policy

@theSNP call for a separate immigration policy is not shared by Scottish business and would see a hard border between Scotland and England
The Government is committed to consulting business on the Immigration Bill. I look forward to welcoming @carolinenokes to Banff and Buchan soon.

David Backs British Farming!

?: I was delighted to attend the NFU reception for Back British Farming Day.

The NFU and NFUS are in Westminster today for the publication of an Agriculture Bill, which will go some way to determining the future of the industry after we leave the EU.