Supporting fisheries sector and securing the best deal post Brexit

David continues to seek assurances from Government that we WILL take back full control of our waters from the end of 2020.

Leaving the CFP provides a huge opportunity for our fishermen, meaning more quality raw product for our seafood processing industry. For this sector to grow and expand, David continues to work with ministers to ensure global markets are found and labour can be accessed as required.


David exposes SNP calls for devloved Immigration policy

@theSNP call for a separate immigration policy is not shared by Scottish business and would see a hard border between Scotland and England
The Government is committed to consulting business on the Immigration Bill. I look forward to welcoming @carolinenokes to Banff and Buchan soon.

David Duguid 'relentless' in support for fishing industry

David Duguid today asked the Department for Exiting the EU if DEFRA and industry stakeholders would take the lead in annual negotiations for fisheries agreements with the EU after we leave the CFP and become an independent coastal state. 

David Duguid seeks DEFRA control of future Fisheries negotiations

I asked @michaelgove if he agrees with me that negotiations on UK/EU Fisheries Agreement would be best led by DEFRA officials.

Also important that Fishing Orgs such as @sff_uk and @NFFO_UK are actively involved in that agreement and the UK Fisheries Bill.


David Duguid continues to stand for interest of fishing sector

David Duguid appeared on BBC radio Scotland's Good Morning Scotland to reiterate the red lines of the Scottish Conservatives regarding fisheries in Brexit. David made it clear he would not support access to British fishing waters being negotiated away for a free trade deal. 

David seeks assurance over fishing access

After the publication of the draft withdrawal agreement on 14 November, David Duguid MP has sought assurances from the Prime Minister that future fisheries relationships will not see access to waters and stocks quotas negotiated away as part of a future trade deal. 

David Duguid fights for access to skilled labour for industry

David Duguid today asked the Minister for Immigration if she would continue to ensure priority is given to upskilling domestic labour into industries where there are skills shortages and to ensure that in the short term, these industries will continue to be able to source skilled labour from abro

David Duguid stands up for Fishermen in Brexit Negotiations

David Duguid appeared on Good Morning Scotland this morning to speak about the red lines the Scottish Conservatives have placed any extension to the transition period. It is imperative that whatever is agreed, the UK leaves the hated CFP and is an independent coastal state by December 2020.