Banff Minor Injuries Unit given reprieve

I am very happy to see that the AHSCP have taken on board representations made by myself and Peter Chapman MSP​ last month and have decided to give the minor injuries unit in Banff a reprieve while they collect more information.

It is vital that local residents are able to access this vital service and are not sent to Aberdeen unnecessarily just because it is an inconvenient time. I am also glad to hear that the AHSCP will work closely with the Friends of Chalmers Hospital who told me, “We are pleased that after intervention by our MP, the AHSCP have agreed to keep the Chalmers MIU open 24/7 and am confident that they will engage positively with us in their future review.”

But it is also crucial that the Turriff MIU doesn’t suffer as a result of the decision to keep Banff open and I will continue to engage with the AHSCP to make sure that doesn’t happen.