Banffshire Journal 7 August 2019

Our new Prime Minister is a strong advocate for the Union and will stand up against Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP. They are running scared from Mr. Johnson and his positive vision for the whole United Kingdom outside of the EU.

Regardless of who voted which way three years ago, the Conservatives were trusted to deliver on the democratic result. I am confident most people, regardless of their feelings before 2016, want this to be done and all politicians to get on with running the country.

I am confident that the high level of influence on Government, which Scottish Conservative & Unionist MPs have enjoyed since we were elected in 2017, will continue.  In fact, Mr Johnson has already shown he is listening to many of the concerns and ideas he has heard from us,

I believe that my party can unite behind the new Prime Minister, deliver on our commitment to leave the EU and to get on with governing the country and delivering for our constituents.


Dumfries and Galloway MP, Alister Jack, is our new Scottish Secretary and I congratulate him on his appointment.

One of the first things he will do is pick up where his predecessor left off with Scottish fishermen.

David Mundell hosted the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation only a few days ago and told me in the Commons that fishing chiefs are excited and upbeat about leaving the Common Fisheries Policy.

Having previously received pledges from former Prime Minister Theresa May and two secretaries of state that Britain will leave the CFP no matter what else happens, we must be negotiating as an independent coastal state no later than the end of 2020 – an expectation which is not lost on the government.


I’d like to add my congratulations to those of the Queen and Sir David Attenborough for the Banff and Macduff children behind the Doric Broons animation.

Everyone’s favourite Glebe Street inhabitants have entertained generations in their annuals and comic strips in the likes of the Sunday Post.

Local pupils from both primary schools have given their antics a North East spin which is very topical – about plastic pollution in the sea.

It can be found on YouTube (search Knitmare On Glebe Street) and really brings home the level of understanding and engagement our young people have with environmental issues.

It is for these children, and their children, that we are acting to cut the amount of single-use plastic in the UK.


Banff-area carers and family members of those living with degenerative eye conditions can take advantage of a free seminar in town on Tuesday. (July 30)

Macular disease is the biggest cause of sight loss in the UK with nearly 1.5 million people currently affected and many more at risk.

It is not something that is inevitable or has to be dealt with alone.

The Macular Society has organised an event, which takes place from 10.30am to 12.30pm at the library.

This is a supporting charity in itself which highlights other structures which are in place for people affected by eye conditions.

If there is sufficient interest, a society group will form in town.


I am undertaking a number of local surgeries over the summer recess from parliament. These are regularly updated and I would be happy to see you at many of the North East’s fantastic events.

Please visit for an up-to-date list or visit my Facebook page or Twitter @DavidDuguidMP for updates.