Speeches in Parliament

£30billion! Our Plan for Jobs

The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak has today unveiled the Government Plan worth £30 billion for jobs to re-energise the economy following the coronavirus pandemic.

Carbon Capture to play part in net carbon zero

David Duguid has asked the Prime Minister about the potential for new jobs created by carbon capture, utilisation and storage and the part it will play in reaching our net carbon zero target by 2050.

Scotland said NO. We meant it!

The Deputy Prime Minister today said that the UK Government will respect the decision of the people of Scotland to remain in the UK after Nicola Sturgeon's call for a second referendum. 

David Duguid pushes for CCUS support

David Duguid today asked the Environment Secretary if, in light of support for Carbon Capture Usage and Storage (CCUS) from the Scottish Affairs Select Committee, the Committee on Climate Change and the BEIS Select Committee if more investments will be made into this technology. 

David Duguid exposes SNP hypocrisy over Brexit Funds

David Duguid today highlighted the hypocrisy of the SNP government after it emerged that of the £100 million provided by the UK Government for councils in Scotland to prepare for Brexit, the SNP have yet to pass any of that money on. 


PM praises work by David to raise awarness for 22q

I raised with the Prime Minister, the importance of early diagnosis and treatment for conditions such as 22q11 Syndrome.‬
‪This condition, which is second most common chromosomal disorder after Down’s Syndrome, is the most common genetic disorder you’ve never heard of.‬

David Duguid praises SCORE Group on their work to encourage STEM uptake

David Duguid today praised SCORE Group, headquartered in Peterhead on their work to encourage the uptake of STEM subjects at school. SCORE is the largest private employer of apprentices in Scotland and it is vital that everything can be done to encourage more pupils to take STEM subjects.