Banffshire Journal 28 May 2019

There has been a lot of coverage in recent weeks about the future of minor injury units here in Banff and in Turriff.


Understandably, there has been concern about any suggestion of a downgrade in services provided locally. 


Turriff Advertiser 17 May 2019

It is Mental Health Awareness Week and it is clear that Scotland’s mental health services are falling far short of what is needed.

A number of those who are affected by are children and young adults born with genetic and undiagnosed conditions like 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome (22q).

David Duguid pushes for CCUS support

David Duguid today asked the Environment Secretary if, in light of support for Carbon Capture Usage and Storage (CCUS) from the Scottish Affairs Select Committee, the Committee on Climate Change and the BEIS Select Committee if more investments will be made into this technology. 

David Duguid exposes SNP hypocrisy over Brexit Funds

David Duguid today highlighted the hypocrisy of the SNP government after it emerged that of the £100 million provided by the UK Government for councils in Scotland to prepare for Brexit, the SNP have yet to pass any of that money on. 


Buchan Observer 7 May 2019

We are at the threshold of a new era for power generation, which will provide green power while boosting the UK economy.

I’m glad that climate change is firmly back on the political agenda, most notably the Committee on Climate Change’s report, which was published on Thursday.

Banffshire Journal 7 May 2019

In a very informative couple of sessions at the Scottish Affairs Select Committee on Tuesday and Wednesday, I heard evidence from banking figures as to their take on the wave of branch closures we have seen in the last few years.

Turriff Advertiser 3 May 2019

Last week at Westminster, the business, energy and industrial strategy (BEIS) committee published a report on the need to accelerate the development of carbon capture, storage and utilisation (CCUS) technology.

The fight to keep Gamrie connected

Banff and Buchan MP David Duguid has met residents in Gardenstown to discuss transport and digital connectivity in coastal communities.


The meeting was originally planned to discuss plans to cut the 273 Saturday bus service linking the village to Banff and Fraserburgh.

Banffshire Journal 9 April 2019

I was saddened to hear of the death of a creel fisherman after an incident off the Banffshire coast last week.


Media reports suggested that a fellow fisherman had alerted the emergency services after the man fell into the water near Macduff.