David Duguid calls out SNP on superslow broadband roll-out

David Duguid today called out the SNP Government after it emerged that none of the £600 million invested into broadband rollout two years ago has actually been awarded in contracts. 18% of Banff and Buchan do not have access to decent broadband. 14% of households across the shire do not even reach the UK Governments recommended minimum of 10Mbps. The awarding of Broadband roll out contracts lies with the SNP Government, who have shown themselves incapable or incompetent of the task at hand. 

David said, 'These latest revelations, and the continued failure of the SNP to close the 18% gap in Banff and Buchan just reiterates that rural areas in Scotland are being let down and left behind by a SNP government with its mind on one thing: separation.'