David Duguid Sunday Politics 20 January 2019

On Sunday Politics Scotland yesterday talking about the inconsistencies in opposition party positions on the best way forward on the deal to exit the EU.
SNP are the least inconsistent - but their policy is to stay in the EU, or at least stay in the Single Market, Customs Union and keep Freedom of Movement (in other words, STAY in the EU)
Labour are all over the place. Keir Starmer accepts that a backstop will be part of ANY deal. Ian Murray advocating strongly for a second referendum. Jeremy Corbyn can’t tell us if his demands for a General Election will be on the basis on Brexit or no-Brexit!
I’m hearing more and more from colleagues that the Prime Minister’s deal, although they voted against it, is not that far from where they would like it to be.

Yesterday’s interview on Sunday Politics Scotland, finished off with the question of another General Election.
Remember Brenda from Bristol!? “Not another one!?”
The electorate would be quite right to become disenfranchised with the whole democratic process if they were to be effectively told that it is not worth their while voting.
I don’t believe there is an appetite - apart from within those groups who LOST - for another EU referendum or General Election in the short term....
Not to mention IndyRef2 which still seems to be very much on the table? Are the SNP really advocating for the so-called ‘People’s Vote’, AND another referendum on Independence?
To be clear, although I am not in favour of either of those options, it is not because I have any doubts over the results - just the further pointless and damaging effect those divisive and destabilising campaigns would have on businesses, communities and people of Scotland and the rest of the UK.