MP welcomes UK Government commitment on farm funding

Banff and Buchan MP David Duguid has welcomed a UK Government announcement guaranteeing nearly £3billion in farm funding for the next year as the UK leaves the EU. 

Chancellor Sajid Javid said that farmers can enter the new year in "confidence" thanks to the spending commitment totalling £2.852m. 

The Direct Payments funding for the UK as a whole will mean that Scotland receives £449m for 2020/21 and £24m for 2021/22. The first instalment provides 95% of the funding for the two-year period, with the remaining 5% coming in the second year. 

The UK spending is a replacement for Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) funding and is in addition to £211m previously announced for Scotland to resolve the historic issues of convergence allocations. 

Mr Duguid said: "We are not yet into 2020 and already Scotland is seeing the benefits of a majority Conservative government in Westminster. 

"This should provide some reassurance to farmers as we prepare to leave the EU on January 31 that they can plan ahead with confidence. 

"In future, freeing ourselves from the confines of the CAP will allow the UK to have a simpler system of farm support that is fairer to our producers. 

"The UK Government is also committed to creating a future system that enhances our environment and safeguards our high animal welfare standards. 

"This news should be welcomed across Scotland as another example of the UK Government delivering for our key industries."