North East still lagging on broadband

David Duguid has welcomed the news of new super and ultra-fast broadband connections in the north east. With additional funding from the UK Government and others, more and more local businesses are getting connected to decent broadband. The Scottish government, who hold responsibility for the roll-out of broadband and digital infrastructure in Scotland will not meet their target of reaching 100% of homes by next year. As a result, one in five properties in the north east still cannot attain speeds of 30Mbps or more - fast becoming a necessary minimum as more of our lives goes online. 

Commenting on this news, David said, 


I welcome the news of some progress in delivering superfast broadband to rural north-east communities like Turriff and Portsoy.

However, I am concerned to read  that 20% of households in Aberdeenshire still cannot access superfast speeds of 30Mbps.

That means one in five are still stuck in the slow lane. 

The SNP government  promised us 100% coverage by 2021, but Scottish Government ministers have already admitted the deadline won’t be met.

Instead of delivery, all we are getting is more dither and delay.

Communities and businesses in Banff and Buchan will be left  at a digital disadvantage as we try to recover from the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The reality is we have an SNP government that has been in power for 13 years but is only concerned with breaking up the UK - at any cost.

The SNP claim to be ‘stronger for Scotland’ but this is more proof of the opposite. The SNP are ‘stalling Scotland’