Prime Minster MUST be supported in her negotiations says David

It is this Government’s policy to continue working to secure the legally binding changes to the backstop, needed to ensure it cannot be permanent. 
This should satisfy the so-called, ‘Brady Amendment’, which is supported by a majority of MPs. 
There will be a vote on the deal by MPs by 12 March at the latest.
There are those who want to frustrate the Brexit process by ‘taking no-deal off the table’, or ‘extending Article 50’.
It is, ‘irresponsible’ of the SNP and other anti-Brexit parties, to not respect the results of elections and referendums in which Brexit has been decided. For the SNP, it is not even about the EU. It is about finding any excuse to push their agenda to break up the United Kingdom. 
Business leaders, and residents alike, who DO respect democracy, repeatedly ask me to support the Withdrawal Agreement and ‘get on with Brexit!’
The Prime Minister will give a statement to the House on Tuesday to update progress in the Brexit talks and an amendable motion will be tabled for debate this week.