Budget delivers for Whisky Industry

Great to hear the Chancellor announce that spirit duty will be frozen again giving the Scotch whisky industry the support it needs and deserves.

David Duguid fights for access to skilled labour for industry

David Duguid today asked the Minister for Immigration if she would continue to ensure priority is given to upskilling domestic labour into industries where there are skills shortages and to ensure that in the short term, these industries will continue to be able to source skilled labour from abro

Fisheries Bill launches

Legislation creating the powers the UK needs to operate as an independent coastal state after leaving the EU is being introduced into Parliament today (25 October 2018)....

David attends Poppy Scotland campaign launch

David was delighted to join David Mundell in attendance of the launch of the Poppy Scotland campaign in Dover House today. This year marks 100 years since the end of the First World War and many events are taking place to commemorate those who fought and died.

Banffshire Journal 23 Oct 2018

I was pleased to welcome another UK Government Minister to the constituency recently.  Guy Opperman, Minister in the Department of Work and Pensions, visited the Job Centre in Banff to see  for himself how the area was adjusting to Universal Credit which had been introduced here in June.

David Duguid stands up for Fishermen in Brexit Negotiations

David Duguid appeared on Good Morning Scotland this morning to speak about the red lines the Scottish Conservatives have placed any extension to the transition period. It is imperative that whatever is agreed, the UK leaves the hated CFP and is an independent coastal state by December 2020.

Channel 4 News - Brexit: Impact of extension on fishing industry

My Scottish Conservative colleagues and I are clear - we WILL be out of the CFP and we MUST take our seat as an independent coastal state in December 2020. At that time we must have full sovereignty - full control over who fishes in our waters, for what, when and under which rules.