David Duguid pushes for Sector Support post-Brexit

David Duguid asked the Secretary of State for Scotland about discussions he has had with the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs about ongoing commitments to support the growth of the fisheries sector after we leave the EU.

Banffshire Journal 18 February 2019

The Aberdeen City Region Deal has committed hundreds of millions of pounds towards infrastructure improvements across the North East, funded by both Scotland’s governments.

David Duguid stands up for coastal residents

David Duguid has today asked the Department of Work and Pensions if in the future, windchill could be taken into account when deciding to release winter fuel payments especially in coastal areas.

Turriff Advertiser 7 Feb

At times, it can seem that there is not much happening in Westminster beyond Brexit.

However, the daily business of parliament continues – often away from the media spotlight.

Banffshire Journal 5 Feb 2019

It has been another hectic week at Westminster as MPs continue to work towards an agreement on the terms of our departure from the EU.


I was very pleased to see majority support for a route to leaving with a deal in last Tuesday’s vote.


Buchan Observer 5 February 2019

The SNP’s ruinous taxation policies have hit businesses hard in the North East, something that has been underlined by the recent briefing by Seafish.

Prime Minister stands strong on fishing

The Prime Minister has confirmed she will stand strong in support for the British fishing industry in the future negotiations with the EU.

PM confirms Macron scaremongering

David Duguid MP asked the PM if she would confirm President Macron’s comments on access to fisheries for trade as scaremongering from the EU and that the PM would remain steadfast in not allowing access to our fishing waters being negotiated away for a future free trade deal with the EU.