In Parliament

Here you can read David's latest speeches and appearances in Parliament (provided by theyworkforyou):-


David presses for more awareness for 22q

? WATCH: Today I asked the Health Minister if following on from last weeks 22q awareness day if she would meet with me to discuss raising awareness, especially among GPs.

David Duguid backs Veterans in call for more support

David Duguid today asked the Veterans Minister what discussions the MOD has had with the Office for National Statistics or the Registrar General in Scotland about adding military veteran to the Census options so that the Government might have a better idea of where our estimated 2.5 million veter

David Duguid continues to stand for interest of fishing sector

David Duguid appeared on BBC radio Scotland's Good Morning Scotland to reiterate the red lines of the Scottish Conservatives regarding fisheries in Brexit. David made it clear he would not support access to British fishing waters being negotiated away for a free trade deal. 

David seeks assurance over fishing access

After the publication of the draft withdrawal agreement on 14 November, David Duguid MP has sought assurances from the Prime Minister that future fisheries relationships will not see access to waters and stocks quotas negotiated away as part of a future trade deal. 

David Duguid defends Devolution

David Duguid has today asked the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Karen Bradley MP how the UK Government is ensuring that the population of N.Ireland remains sovereign over laws being passed on their behalf. 

David Duguid fights for access to skilled labour for industry

David Duguid today asked the Minister for Immigration if she would continue to ensure priority is given to upskilling domestic labour into industries where there are skills shortages and to ensure that in the short term, these industries will continue to be able to source skilled labour from abro

David Duguid stands up for Fishermen in Brexit Negotiations

David Duguid appeared on Good Morning Scotland this morning to speak about the red lines the Scottish Conservatives have placed any extension to the transition period. It is imperative that whatever is agreed, the UK leaves the hated CFP and is an independent coastal state by December 2020.

David Backs British Farming!

?: I was delighted to attend the NFU reception for Back British Farming Day.

The NFU and NFUS are in Westminster today for the publication of an Agriculture Bill, which will go some way to determining the future of the industry after we leave the EU.