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A Summary of this Week’s votes in Parliament

This week was an eventful one when it comes to voting on how we leave the EU.  Of course, I would have preferred for the Government motion, to leave the EU on 29 March with a deal, to have passed.  However, although more people voted for the deal than in January, it still didn’t get over the line

David Duguid praises SCORE Group on their work to encourage STEM uptake

David Duguid today praised SCORE Group, headquartered in Peterhead on their work to encourage the uptake of STEM subjects at school. SCORE is the largest private employer of apprentices in Scotland and it is vital that everything can be done to encourage more pupils to take STEM subjects. 

David Duguid calls out SNP on superslow broadband roll-out

David Duguid today called out the SNP Government after it emerged that none of the £600 million invested into broadband rollout two years ago has actually been awarded in contracts. 18% of Banff and Buchan do not have access to decent broadband.

Turriff Advertiser 1 March 2019

My colleagues and I on the Scottish Affairs Committee had a change of scenery last week as we headed off to Lewis in the Western Isles.

EU Citizens' Rights guaranteed by UK Government

Contrary to SNP scaremongering, EU Citizens are welcome to stay here regardless of there being a deal. The Home Office have confirmed that not a single application out of over 100,000 to the settles status scheme has be rejected so far.


David Duguid pushes for Sector Support post-Brexit

David Duguid asked the Secretary of State for Scotland about discussions he has had with the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs about ongoing commitments to support the growth of the fisheries sector after we leave the EU.

David Duguid stands up for coastal residents

David Duguid has today asked the Department of Work and Pensions if in the future, windchill could be taken into account when deciding to release winter fuel payments especially in coastal areas.